Work in Progress. Working images for the project of UAV drone.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Enjoy some of the working images for the personal project of UAV drone.

And let me add.

The project of UAV drone we did by using rendering elements in V-Ray and compositing in Blackmagic Fusion.

We think it would be interesting for our readers to look at some of the working images. Also, some of the technical details of the working process are disclosed and it would be interesting for 3D and compositing artists:

1. The two images below are calling Ambient occlusion path and used to emphasize the details and the volume of the objects.

2. Multimatte element mask for background. Please note, the background is not red in the final image. The image below is the mask. One of the colors Red, Green or Blue may be used for masks. Using these colors allow us to make clear selections during the working process.

3. Velocity path used for adding the motion blur effect to the final image. The color of every point used as the representation of the vectors of motion. In the images below the velocity path combined with the black background. I did it to add an interesting look.

Though the velocity path of the propellers is used separately from the background in the Blackmagic Fusion compositing program and was with the transparent background.

Screenshot of the Velocity Path used in Blackmagic Fusion

If you're interested in more technical information about render paths feel free to check out List of Supported Render Elements on the Chaos Group website.

But two things I need to add:

1. It's not possible to add the Ambient Occlusion path as render element directly in V-Ray. So we did it but by making V-Ray dirt texture an add it to VRayExtraTex render element.

2. For some reason, the VRay Velocity render element coming with a gray background. You can see this in the images below.

You can also see the gray background in the images included in the description of the VRayVelocity render element.

Maybe the gray background is needed for some compositing programs. However, in Blackmagic Fusion, it causes the blur of the final image in the area of the composition where the gray background is distributed.

As I told the velocity path of the propellers is used separately from the background in the compositing program. It was needed to remove the blur effect of the image areas where it wasn't needed. Let me provide again the screenshot taken from the compositing program.

To separate the velocity path from the gray background we used the propellers multi matte elements masks. They are red in the images below.

This is how one of the final images looks. To make it we used the paths shown above with other render elements.

Final image

To see more project details and more images which have the bigger resolution feel free to check out the project 3D Rendering for the UAV drone in our 3D Product Rendering Portfolio.

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