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3D Rendering for the UAV drone

Enjoy the personal 3D rendering project

Look at the result of our efforts and experiments in 3d rendering we achieved: 

  • We did this project to use the 3d model of UAV drone in another personal project, called 3D Exterior Renderings for the Public Aquarium. Please note the drone is not real, so its design might not meet some of the technical requirements. Our goal was the design of the object that would be perceived by ordinary people as the UAV drone and had a unique design.  

  • We tried to use the dark background that looks like the dark gradient with the darker shadows cast. That's what we tried in the images where the "ground" is visible. On other images where the camera looks up to the drone, the background is simply dark.  

  • Also, we tried the motion blur effect. Since the drone has the moving parts, exactly the propellers, the motion blur was added so that the viewer perceived the propellers as moving on the static images. We found, however, though the drone itself is moving vertically we shouldn't add the motion blur effect to the whole drone because all of the parts of the drone should look clear for the viewer except the quickly rotating propellers. Moreover, since the vertical speed of the drone is not too big we can ignore the speed of such motion and not add the motion blur effect for it.  So by motion blur, we can "tell" viewers: "see, the propellers have been rotating." And by the changed position of the drone, we can "say": "see, the drone is taking off." 

3D Rendering for the UAV drone on the ground
3D Rendering for the UAV drone taking off
3D Rendering for the UAV drone took off

To simulate viewers looking up view we left the space in the down and in the middle part of the vertically oriented image we did and placed the drone at the top part. 

3D Rendering for the UAV drone rised high

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