Welcome to the Client's Guide to 3D Graphics

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The goal of this and the next articles of this guide is to explain how to achieve business and other goals easily with 3D Graphics.

Client's Guide to 3D Graphics

We will discuss how you can use 3D computer graphics in solving business problems, such as:

And also:

  • Get approvements of architectural projects, interior designs, product designs, construction design, and other projects.

  • Explain your ideas in an easy understanding way.

  • Have repeat clients.

And even:

  • Teach people.

  • Make your blog posts attractive.

Mostly this guide will explain how to use various 3D graphics services, rather than creating it by yourself. But some of the articles will be valuable for people who create 3D renderings, 3D animations, or 3D presentations by yourself.

However, some of the important 3D rendering techniques and other articles valuable for 3D artists will be covered in other articles of our 3D Rendering blog.

Stay tuned!

Did you hear about 3D graphics?

Probably, you saw on the news that:

  • Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple or Nokia demonstrated 3d renderings of their new smartphones.

  • Car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, or BMW demonstrated 3d renderings of their new cars.

  • Some famous architectural companies show-off 3d renderings of a skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates.

And curious about the world "3d rendering".

You saw 3D graphics but didn't even guess that it's it

You probably saw images with electronics, toothpaste, shampoo bottle, food on websites, street advertising, printed media.

Ad let me tell you, in many cases, advertising companies prefer 3d rather than photographs.

Why is that? I'll explain it a little bit later.

You can see other people who use 3D graphics. And maybe you are curious

Probably, you are familiar with people who have a profession such as:

  • An interior designer.

  • An architect.

  • A product designer (e. g. furniture or equipment designer).

  • A marketing person.

You see they use 3D graphics or talk about it.

And you are curious, why people need it?

You heard from your colleagues about 3D graphics

You heard from them, that:

  • "3D graphics is so valuable!"

  • "3D renderings will make your project happened."

  • "3D graphics is a promotional tool for your project."

  • "With 3D visualizations, your clients will understand your design."

Or heard something opposed:

  • "Why we need these useless 3D renderings. "

  • "My clients will understand my ideas without such 3d visualizations"

  • "Oh! These 3d rendering companies from overseas are so annoying with their spam advertising."

You're considering using 3D graphics

Since these images look beautiful, you think that you can use it at least to attract your potential clients.

And you are right.

3D Rendered image
3D Rendered image

This 3D rendered image did our team did for the interior design company.

And in the next blog posts of this Guide, you will find how effectively use 3d graphics to solve this and other problems.

7 things you can do by using 3D graphics.

With 3D graphics people can solve the following problems:

1. To see how will things look which actually don't exist, but will exist in the future.

Usually, in such cases, 3D graphics depict designed objects, and people use it to see and determine, how good they are designed.

For example, in order to know how good is a building designed, architects, real estate companies, and their clients use Architectural 3D renderings which were done according to 2d drawings and specs.

Below are some samples, our team did for the clients:

 Architectural 3D rendering of the hotel in Florida
Architectural 3D rendering of the hotel in Florida

 Architectural 3D rendering of the hotel in Kiev, Ukraine
Architectural 3D rendering of the hotel in Kiev, Ukraine

You can read more about using 3D graphics in architecture in the following articles:

3D graphics used in interior design too.

Interior designers use interior 3D renderings to show their clients to demonstrate how interiors will look according to their project.

Below are some samples our team did for interior designers.

Interior 3D Rendering of the billiard room
Interior 3D Rendering of the billiard room

Interior 3D Rendering for the bank
Interior 3D Rendering for the bank

Like architects and interior designers, real estate companies use architectural and interior renderings to show their potential clients how pre-sales(off-plan) property will look when it will be built.

Landscape designers use 3D renderings to show how a landscape will look according to a proposed landscape design.

Product designers use product 3D renderings or animations to demonstrate how a product will look in the future according to their product design.

Furniture designers use furniture 3D renderings to show clients how furniture will look according to their design.

Below are some of the samples our company did for a furniture manufacturer.

3D Rendering of the child bed
3D Rendering of the child bed

3D Rendering of the cabinet
3D Rendering of the cabinet

2. 3D graphics allow us to see things that don't exist but existed in the past.

We can see such 3d graphics in historical documentary or fiction movies, reconstruction videos, or illustrations.

So, if you have a historical blog, you can use historical 3d illustrations in order to show you readers how things looked many years or even many centuries ago.

That's why I wrote at the beginning that with 3d graphics you can make your blog more interesting for your readers.

3. With 3D graphics, you can show things which actually doesn't exist, but exist in sci-fi.

Fantastic spaceships, intergalactic rockets, robots fighters. These things, of course, doesn't actually exist. But due to 3d graphics, we can see them and believe in them :)

4. In these cases, products visualized on 3D renderings can look better than their photos.

  • If you don't like undesirable effects in your photographs.

  • If you want to show existing things in an unusual environment.

  • If you want to show internal components.

  • If you want to show complex equipment and hide auxiliary details.

If one or more of the cases is yours you can find your way to use 3d renderings to represent your product.

5. Show how rooms arranged in relation to each other.

By using 3D floor plans you can show people how rooms arranged according to an architectural project, interior design. Or how rooms arranged in existing hotels, museums, trade centers, cinema, or in other institutions.

The following sample was taken from our 3D Floor Plan Portfolio and show us how rooms arranged on the first floor of the townhouse unit.

6. Show human or animal organs, cells, bones, etc.

You may need it for medical or veterinary purposes. Or to promote products, related to the medicine or veterinary, such as ad pharmacy, etc.

7. Drawing schemes and infographics.

Since perceiving things in 3D space is natural for people, they will better perceive infographics with 3D objects.

Do you need to know what means some of