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Terms of use

Find out terms of use of this website and our 3D rendering services

1. The purposes of this website are:

  • Informing the auditory about 3D rendering services.

  • Providing news and articles about 3D computer graphics ( page Blog ).

  • Connecting the website owners with blog readers and potential clients ( page Contact ).


2. Using this website by persons under 18 years old is strictly prohibited.


3. Website visitors shouldn't register on the website unless they need to post comments on the Blog.


4. You agree that website owners have the right to remove, block and don't answer the messages and blog comments if they consider these messages as spam, scam, or disrespectful to website owners or any other individuals.  


5. Posting or sending malicious attachments is strictly prohibited.


6. Any unsanctioned interference in the work of this website is strictly prohibited.


7. All of the negotiations, payments and client's feedbacks of 3D rendering services provided via platforms Guru or Peopleperhour according to their terms of service. 


8. Since the services mentioned in paragraph 6 are outside of our control we cannot guarantee their proper work at any time.


9. Refund policy for 3D rendering services.


We must make a refund If we unable to deliver the correct work results upon negotiation. The inability can be determined with the mutual agreement or dispute services of one of the platforms mentioned in paragraph 6 and used for providing 3d rendering services.


10. Privacy terms and using cookies are described on the Privacy Policy page.


11. This website can be shut down at any time. 3D rendering services can be terminated at any time but after completing the last uncompleted work.




  • We are not responsible for your financial or other kinds of losses if you tried using this website and services and work results outside of their scope.   

  • We are not responsible for your financial or other kinds of losses if you not properly use our work results, use our work results with other parts of your business, which might be used not properly, or both of mentioned above. In other words, we cannot solely guarantee the financial success of your business if you use our work results.

  • We can not continue providing new milestones after providing the previous milestones if a client requires the work which we unable to provide and a negotiation for this milestone wasn't assigned.

  • Though our previous clients had the positive experience and posted positive feedbacks we cannot guarantee you will have exactly the same experience. 

  • This website uses 3-rd party services which are outside of our control, so we cannot fully guarantee the correct work of the website at any time. 

  • We cannot guarantee to provide our services or blog posts which were terminated due to circumstances outside of our control.

13. The responsible person:

Private entrepreneur Y. V. Zakharov.,

Kosmonavtiv str. 36-10,

Druzhkivka, Donetskaya oblast,

Ukraine, 84206

Phone: +380506338203 

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