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3D Renderings for the Public Aquarium. Personal project

Being a people we should keep in mind about 71 percent of the Earth is water-covered. The marine life is not a life traditional for us and we see every day. So we live on Earth and usually not see the life that is going on the most Earth's surface.

Public aquariums built so that people were able to look at a water life directly. This inspired me to make the personal project 3D Renderings for the Public Aquarium and share them with you.

Another reason for making these 3D Renderings is learning some tools, features, and methods of the software for making 3D visualizations, such as 3DS Max, V-Ray, and Blackmagic Fusion, so that all of the new 3d visualizations we do for our clients were more attractive, beautiful, photorealistic, crisp and clear.

You are welcome to look at the Exterior 3D Renderings.

And also at the Interior 3D Renderings.

I hope you enjoyed!

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