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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, so inform you that we follow these rules to keep safe your personal data

1. We are NOT collecting and processing sensitive data, such as:


  • Ethnic origin.


  • Political opinions.


  • Your religion. 


  • Your philosophical beliefs. 


  • Genetic data. 


  • Sexual orientation and life.


  • Health condition.


  • Your trade union membership.


2. When you fill out our contact form, your personal data will be used according to instruction, provided above the contact form.  

3. Our website includes social media functions such as Facebook or Google sign-in, "Facebook Like”, social media share buttons. These functions collect information such as your IP address or page you are visited on our website. Also, they may set a cookie to enable themselves to work correctly. Please note, even on our website your interactions with social media are governed by their rules and are out of our control.

4. Please note, if you use social login int blog post comments and if your profile picture is your original photo, it may reveal your face along with your racial origin.   

5. Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:


  • Provide website functionality, cookies have a permanent lifespan.


  • Provide website security, some of the cookies have a session lifespan, some of them are persistent.


  • Identify logged members, have a two-weeks lifespan.


If you disagree with using cookies from your browser, please block them in your browser settings.


6. If you registered on our blog by using your e-mail, a part of your e-mail address before "@" sign, or your name used for this e-mail will be used as your profile name in comments. If you register by using your social media accounts, such as Facebook account, your social media name and profile picture (which might be your photo depending on it using in your social media account), will be used in the comments section of our blog.

7. This website and all of the services operated from Ukraine, so outside of EU, North America, or your other location. In this regard:


  • By using our website you agree that all of the personal data you intended to leave on this website will be transferred to Ukraine.




Regardless of the current national legislation, we are doing our maximal efforts to follow GDPR and other important standards to keep your data safe. Our principles are:


  • Keep you informed about using your personal data.


  • Keep your data safe and only within the time needed to use it.


  • Keep you and responsible authorities informed about hacker attacks and data breaches. 


  • Give you access to your personal data upon your request.


  • Remove your personal data upon your request (see paragraph 11).


8. Your data will be transferred by using the following web services:

  • Wix web development platform, which used to create and support this website, and maintained their processes by using service providers located in the United States, European Union, Israel, Ukraine, and may use platforms located in other countries at their discretion.

  • Gmail, which has data centers currently located in the United States, European Union, Singapore, Taiwan, and may in further use platforms located in other countries at their discretion.

9. Your personal data taken from this form will be kept as long as needed for performing contracts, otherwise, it will be deleted permanently after 6 months from the moment of the last data usage, or upon your request according to the paragraph 11. 


10. Being our user you have the following rights:


  • To get an access to your personal data.


  • "To be forgotten", i.e. to request removing your personal data permanently.


To perform these actions you must contact us and make an appropriate request. 


11. MailChimp platform used for the subscription service of the website blog according to its Marketing Permissions and Mailchimp Privacy Policy.

Right to access data or be forgotten
Using Cookies
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