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3D Product Render sample

Price for 3D Product Rendering Services 

Find out how much cost 3D visualizations of furniture, technique and other kinds of products

The minimal package includes:



/First view, with your 3D or 3D CAD file.




/First view, if 3D modeling required.


/Second view (optional)  


/Up to 5 minor revisions (optional)

Additional price negotiation needed for fourth and more views.

Is it possible to look at the work samples?

Is this price possible for any product 3D rendering?

Unfortunately no. The price provided is the minimal price for product 3D renderings we provide. Every product is unique, so 3D visuals should be priced individually. To find more details about our price model feel free to read the Price Guide for 3D Rendering Services.

What is the render resolution within the minimal packages?

The image size for the minimal packages is up to 2500x2500 pixels.


You can request a more image size.  In this case, the cost of 3D Renderings might be higher since more time, more attention, more hardware resources, and more electricity consumption needed to render 3d visualizations  

Will I have additional expenses?

They might be. Since the Businessrender team and their clients use 3rd party agents for transfer payments and for other specific needs, and since you might have additional taxes in your location you might bear additional expenses.​Usually, they are minor comparing to the cost of 3d renderings.

What does "Free" mean

​The word "Free" means free options. Please check out how to use the free options included in Businessrender 3D Rendering services.

What if USD is not your local currency?

Please find out how you can pay for 3D Rendering Services if USD is not your local currency.

I have questions regarding the costs of 3D Rendering Services

Have other questions?

Feel free to visit the FAQ page or Contact us.

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