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Why CG artist should not beg a potential client to hire?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Why CG artist should not beg a potential client to hire

To solve financial problems many of CG artists want to use their talents. And we can see ( especially in social media, forums, or freelance platforms ) once they found potential clients, they tell them one of the following:

- Sir, I need a money. I can do a logo for you. Please hire me.


- Sir, my family is so poor. I can do a Photoshop work. Please hire me.


- Sir! I can do render in 3DS Max. I need a money cause I live in 3rd world country! Please hire me.

In most cases, CG artists fail with their attempts. Here's why:

Let's look at the situation from clients site. And find an answer to the question: do clients care so much about your financial issues?

To find an answer to this question let's answer on another. Do you care so much about problems of people who live in other parts of the Earth, other continents, other countries, or even other cities of your country?

Imagine, a businessman Michael from the US State California, (who might be a client of CGI artists), encounter financial problems of his company and it will lead to a bankruptcy.


- Does Rajiv who is a graphic designer from India really care about such problem?

- Does a 3d artist Mouhamed from Egypt care so much about such


- Does a logo designer Kristina from Romania care about it?

- Does a VFX artist John from Vancouver, Canada cares?

Let's be honest. NO!

First of all, they (like all of us) care about itself, their children, their parents, their spouse, friends. I.e. they care about their personal problems:

- Rajiv first off all cares will his wife and children have enough foods.

- Mouhamed cares about a health of his old parents.

- Kristina cares will she have a new beautiful dress in order her boyfriend like her.

- John cares about paying a mortgage for his house.

And only after that, they MAY somehow care about problems of businessmen Michael from California. And just tell him "I'm sorry." Or, maybe, more: "I'm SO sorry!"

That's ok because of human's nature. In order a human itself, their children, their family survive, they have at first priority to care for itself and their families. And at last, priority care somehow about problems of other people.

Of course, I don't mean a situation if other people are in danger and need a help immediately. I mean ordinary problems, such as financial, etc.

So what about clients. They are people too. So if you ask your potential client "Sir, please hire me, I have financial problems. " he or she rather will not answer you, because a potential client cares about own problems rather than yours. Or, in the best-case-scenario, they will answer you "I'm sorry."

And even if you'll tell your potential clients "my family will die without money" they may say "ask charity organizations to help you."

So, as you can see, begging doesn't work.

What should you do instead? Here's the strategy:

1. Don't be annoying. If you write a personal message to your clients, you should know that they really may need your help. Don't use spam.

2. If you want to attract your potential clients with your website or professional profiles on social media or freelance platform, be sure your website or profile is visible enough to your auditory. It means that you should use SEO for your website, SMM for social media, or some special methods for freelance platforms. If you use a website, don't copy-paste a text from other websites. Otherwise, it will lose rankings in search engines.

3. Don't call your potential client "Sir". They aren't your bosses and don't want be. If they need your service they want to have a partner. Another reason, if your potential client is a woman, she will not like such your call. Talk to a client personally. If you know clients name, that's great! Use it in your messages.

4. Determine which problems have your potential clients. And whether your CG service could solve them.

5. If you see you can really help your client tell them about it. Whether you use a personal message, website, social media or something else. Be specific, whether your logo can represent a client's brand, your architectural 3d rendering represents clients exterior design or property. Or your CGI works can solve other problems.

6. Don't lower your prices. Your clients will afraid that they will get a low quality work and customer service. Even if some of them will happy to work with you due to your low-cost service, such work will take your time and you will skip clients who would happy to pay you more for a great work.

So, if you will care about clients that will:

  • Hire you

  • Give you a work

  • Pay you

  • Recommend you others.

And this will solve your financial problems.

My dear readers. What do you think?

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