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The downside of using watermarks in 3D rendered images.

You're considering to apply watermarks maybe for protecting your 3d renderings from using them without your permission, or for other goals.

Unfortunately, such image attribute will cause might cause distraction or even dissatisfaction of your viewers.

Please compare the 3d visualization with the watermarks applied

Exterior 3D rendering with the watermarks

with the original image.

Exterior 3D rendering

Is it comfortable for you to look at the house and all of the adjacent through this "grid" called watermark? Perhaps no.

Maybe protecting your image against copyright infringement is in priority. However such protection is weak since people intended to steal images have several methods to overcome such protection.

What to do instead of applying watermarks?

  • Leave images without watermarks so that to show your visualization without distractive elements.

  • If you found your image stolen on some website, social media or other platforms you can initiate removing your image.

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