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How architectural renderings help to avoid bad designs. Part 2. Colors

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

"What if my house color was gray, light gray or white? What if my house had some wooden exterior panels?"

I think every house owner think such way. Logically, they should try different colors by repainting a house, which is not an easy way for experiments. But what if there is some way to predict how a house will look with different colors.

About a two weeks ago I posted for you the story how 3d architectural rendering helped a homeowner from Florida to experiment with different exterior designs.

Today I'll gonna tell you about colors. My client and I desperately tried dozens of the design solutions, including the following options with exterior colors.

Here's the exterior color option with gray color and white elements around the window, which my client called "picture frame".

Architectural 3D rendering for the house in Florida

Also, we tried this color solution. With the gray stucco beige tiles to the right of the entrance.

Architectural 3D rendering for the house in Florida

And this.

Architectural 3D rendering for the house in Florida

As you can see, besides of stucco colors we also tested the design of some exterior details around of the entrance and the big window.

Eventually, we decided that no one is good. Just because my client didn't like any of them.

Despite getting results which didn't satisfy my client, during these test renderings my client and I learned what we should exclude in our future tests, so got closer to results which will satisfy my client.

So we decided to try something else in the future.

Hope you enjoyed.

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