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How architectural renderings help to avoid bad designs

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

So many people wish their house had an ideal design. Therefore they use 3d architectural renderings for their homes and do revisions until they satisfied.

Let me share one of these stories.

The homeowner from Boca Raton, Florida wants to make his family home bigger because he needs additional space for family needs. In another hand, the house must look beautiful after renovation.

He has some own ideas which a local architect implemented in drawings. Here's one of them.

2D Architectural floor plan for the house in Florida

It looked like it's time to start a house rebuilding. And then live in the improved house. However, before beginning the renovation, the homeowner had a concern. Whether or not the house will look beautiful.

That's why before investing his time, costs and efforts in a renovation he decided to use our service that could predict how a house will look. It called 3D exterior rendering service, a service of creating images of houses by 3d computer graphics tools. These images look like a photo. Therefore they called photorealistic.

Due to first 3d rendering we did, the homeowner could see what was right and what was wrong with the exterior design.

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

After looking at it, many design things the owner didn't like enough. So if he built his house just according to drawings, he would live in the house he doesn't like. Or do rebuilding until he satisfies.

Eventually, the homeowner decided to do revisions with 3d exterior rendering unless he satisfies. I did 3d architectural renderings according to owner's ideas. It took several months since the owner wanted to try a lot of ideas.

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

Eventually, this design was done.

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

The homeowner loved it. One thing, his family members weren't. It forced the family to find a compromise solution so that all of them were happy with their new house.

Again, I was asked to implement new ideas in 3d renderings. I did this 3d rendering...

3D Architectural rendering for the house in Florida

...and others.

In my next posts, I'll obviously share details about new 3d renderings for this projects. BTW you already can read about exterior colors.

Hope you enjoyed.

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