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Do you have the best settings for V-Ray?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Do you have the best settings for V-Ray?

Simply put there are no best and universal settings for V-Ray.

For every situation, the best V-Ray settings are a compromise of a result you want to achieve, a time you have for it, your scene, and your hardware.

So, if someone will give you or even will try to sell you "Best V-Ray settings", please don't believe him or her.

Even if someone will suggest you the best V-Ray settings for architectural visualization, for product- or character animation, don't believe.

Because people, who did these V-Ray adjustments don't know:

  • How clear should be your render?

  • How big is render resolution?How many views do you need? Or how long must be your animation?

  • How big is your scene?

  • What are the materials in your scene?

  • What are your scene lights and how many light sources do you have in your scene?

  • What is your hardware? How fast is your CPU, how many RAM do you have? How many time do you need to get a render? 1 Hour? 2 Hours? Or maybe 48 hours?

  • And after all, what is your V-Ray version? Please keep in mind Chaosroup doesn't keep the same working for some of the settings from one version to another.

What to do?

Take your time to:

I hope it helps.

About the Author

3D visualization artist Yevhen (Ievgen) Zakharov

Yevhen (Ievgen) Zakharov Is a 3D Visualizer Artist from Ukraine, who did more than a thousand 3D Renderings including Architectural, Interior, Furniture, and Product visualizations since the year 2001.

Currently, he'd love to share his experience with 3D artists and their clients, therefore opened this blog.

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