Are you a CG dedicated person? Get your nomination star.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

You are CG dedicated person, such as:

  • A CG artist, such as a 3D artist, graphic designer, illustrator, or another professional?

  • A writer of CG articles, such as tutorials, master classes?

  • CG fan and love to share works and articles of other authors.

Or you have interesting ideas related to the CG industry.

You are welcome to the friendly online communities.

Feel free to:

  • Share your or someone else's works, articles, or other interesting materials.

  • Get your chances to be nominated.

Both communities have the nominations:

1. Best contributor of the month.

2. Best CG artist of the month. Editor choice.

3. Best CG artist of the month. Community members choice.

At the end of every year, the editors and group members will choose the best contributors and CG artists of the year.

The nominations you can get will add you more authority and self-confidence. Looking at the works of other artists nominated you will get more knowledge.

Feel free to check out the details of the month- and year- nominations.

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