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2 Pros and 3 possible cons of adding your logo to your 3d rendering.

You're thinking about adding your logo to your 3D rendering or another image (such as your artwork, photograph, etc.)

Whether a logo is just your name written by using some beautiful font, a logo of your studio or some another sign you can get the two following benefits from it:

  1. Your logo can help you to inform your viewers about your authorship.

  2. Posting your logo on your multiple works within some time can help you establish and boost your brand awareness.

These two benefits will work for you if your logo placed properly in your image.

However, placing a logo might have the following downsides:

1. Weak image protection.

You might think about the protection of your image against copyright infringement. Bad news, these days image stealers have several methods to overcome such protection. To protect yourself you should initiate removing stolen images from the internet.

2. Losing both your logo and a part of your image.

To provide you examples I've taken 3d rendering of the house with the adjacent territory from Businessrender Exterior 3D Rendering Portfolio where you can see the original image. I've added the various type of logotype placement to show you the cons.

If a logotype is a semi-transparent and placed at a place of an image which has many details a logotype might be mixed with these details of a picture and became not easy to perceive. Moreover, a part of an image where a logotype placed might be not seen clearly. So instead of making your brand prominent, you might lose both your logo and a part of your 3d rendering.

Below is the sample image. The spot where the logotype is placed I've marked up by the yellow circle and arrow so that you could better see it.

Exterior 3d renderings with the "lost" ogo

3. Distraction.

In some cases your logo might distract viewers from objects rendered in your image and even destroy your image composition.

The following examples will show you how a logo placed can distract viewers:

1. The logo is placed in the center

In the image below you can see the 3d rendered house with the adjacent territory. The logo is placed in the center of the image.

Exterior 3d renderings with the logo placed in the center

While in the original 3d rendering the house was at the center of attention now the logo is.

2. A logo is too big.

Exterior 3d renderings with the big logo

Needless to say, such logo is at the center of attention instead of the main object rendered.

3. A bright colored logotype.

Exterior 3d renderings with the color logotype

Bright colors have a strong influence on a viewer's attention. So logotypes which have such colors are too distractive.

4. A logotype is placed accidentally.

If a logotype is placed in an accident spot of an image it can affect badly or even ruin an image composition. Viewers see something in a wrong place and after doing some guesswork they understand that an author placed a logo.

Exterior 3d renderings with the logotype placed accidentally

5. A Logotype with your contacts added.

Many artists add not only their logotypes but their contact information next to logotypes so that potential clients could use this information to rich out these artists.

Regarding image composition, we can see two distractions:

  • A logotype itself, if it placed accidentally, or is too big, or designed with bright colors.

  • Your contact information, since viewers are interested in a small font text.

Where are main objects of your image inb this case? Not in the first place.

But what to do instead of adding your contact information to images? Things are already done! Artists use various platforms, websites and social media to show their images. Almost any platform has a contact page or a message system. Potential clients can use them to contact an artist.

How to place your logo properly?

Make it small, monochromatic ( if it's possible ) and find a place where it cannot affect a composition of your image. You can also make it semi-transparent if it helps to make it less distractive. However, please take into account it shouldn't be mixed with the details of your image because of semi-transparency.

Please check out the sample image below.

Consider not adding your logo.

If you need to upload your 3d renderings or other artworks to your website that has your logotype, or your account on some platform you want to upload your images has your logotype, maybe it would be better to not add your logotype and leave images as you created them.

sample 3d exterior rendering


What do you think about adding logotypes to 3d renderings or other images? Feel free to share your thinks in the comments section below.

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About the Author

Yevhen (Ievgen) Zakharov is a 3D Visualizer Artist, who did more than a thousand 3D Renderings since the year 2001. These visualizations helped his clients to promote architectural projects, interior designs, various constructions, and products. If you're interested in getting such 3D renders feel free to check out our 3D visualization services.

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