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3D Rendering for the bathroom in Batumi, Georgia Country

Please check out the 3d visualization that allowed our client to show the design of the bathroom for the apartments in the historical building

The following 3D renderings the Businessrender team did for the client, who needed photorealistic 3d renders for the interior design of the apartments in Batumi, Georgia Country

The client sent us the floorplan, elevations, drawing, sketches, and specs according to that they needed the bathroom 3d renderings done.

The 3d model of the walls, shower glass wall, and bathroom furniture we did according to the information our client emailed us.

In order to make 3d renderings faster, our client wanted to use stock 3d models for all of the fixtures, lamps, and accessories.

The 3d model of the door we used the same as we did for the 3d rendering of the bedroom since these interiors are in the same apartments and our client designed almost all of the doors in the same style. One thing, we changed the 3d model of the door according to the size of the opening in this room.


When the Businessrender team did the bathroom 3d renderings it took into account important things to avoid some pitfalls in the workflow. Feel free to read the article Important notes for the restroom and bathroom 3d renderings we shared in 3D Rendering explained blog.

After showing the draft 3d rendering and making minor revisions we did the final visualization for the bathroom and sent them to our client. You can find the final 3D rendering below.

3D Rendering for the bathroom in Batumi view no 1
3D Rendering for the bathroom in Batumi view no 2
3D Rendering for the bathroom in Batumi view no 3
3D Rendering for the bathroom in Batumi view no 4

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