3D Renderings for the living room in Batumi, Georgia Country

Please check out the 3d visualizations that allowed our client to show the design of the living room for the apartments in the historical building

Our client, the building company needed to design and make the renovation of the apartments in the old house, which located in the Black Sea resort city Batumi in Georgia Country. In order to show the owner how the rooms will look after the renovation, they requested us to make these 3D images. 

To make these 3d visualizations we built the 3d models of the walls, floor, and ceiling according to the floor plans, elevations, and drawings our client sent us by e-mail. All of the moldings we modeled according to the client's drawings as well. 

According to the client's request, 3D models of all of the furniture were downloaded from the 3DSky platform. We edited some of the models so that they had the needed size. 

After making the draft 3d renderings and the minor revisions the client requested we did the final 3d visualizations that you can find below. Then we sent the final 3d renderings to our client.

To show the design of the living room we did the general views, which were needed to show the room.

3D Renderings for the living room in Batumi view no 1
3D Renderings for the living room in Batumi view no 2
3D Renderings for the living room in Batumi view no 3

The following view we did in order to show how the ceiling design and the chandelier will look.

3D Renderings for the living room in Batumi view no 4

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