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3D Rendering for the bedroom in Batumi, Georgia Country

Please check out the 3d visualization that allowed our client to show the design of the bedroom for the apartments in the historical building

For the apartments located in Batumi, Georgia Country our client needed photorealistic 3D Renderings for the bedroom interior design.

The client sent us the floor and ceiling plan, elevations, drawings for the doors, and decorative elements, material specs. Also, they told us some instructions regarding this design by phone.  

Since our client needed these visualizations done within the very restricted time they sent us the links for all of the furniture and lamp 3d models to 3Sky.  Some of the 3d models downloaded we edited so that they had the dimensions needed for this project.

The 3D models of the doors we did according to the drawings our client sent us. The 3d models of the curtains and blinds we did according to the client's sketches. 

After making the final 3d rendering we sent it to our client.

3D Rendering for the bedroom in Batumi

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