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Additional expenses you might bear

Find out how what additional expenses you might bear when paying for Businessrender 3D Rendering services

Since the  Businessrender team and their clients use 3rd party agents for making negotiations, transfer payments, and since some locations have additional taxes you can bear the following additional expenses while paying for 3d rendering services:   

1. Freelance platform fees.

We providing our service by using freelance platforms Guru or Peopleperhour (at your choice). These platforms might charge client fees. Please check out the cost to use and PPH Fees

2. Your credit card or another payment provider might charge a commission for a payment service.

3. Taxes.

Though all of our government taxes are included in the cost of our service,​  the government of your country, state, province, or another region you live in (or you have the citizenship) might make the payment of additional taxes mandatory.

To learn more details about the Price model of Businessrender feel free to check out the Price Guide for 3D Rendering Services.

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