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Some questions and answers about the costs of the 3D Rendering services

Find out answers to the questions about costs for Businessrender 3D Rendering services

Is it possible to exclude some options from the minimal packages?


Yes, if they are marked up as "optional". But anyway, you can request them at any time during making a job.


Unfortunately, it's not possible to exclude non-optional details, for example, request only one view, if the package contains two or more views. 

What can reduce the final cost of 3D renderings?

Using some solutions can reduce our workload, therefore reduce the cost and time of making 3D Renderings (please keep in mind the final cost cannot be lower than the cost of the corresponded minimal package): 


  • Skipping 3D modeling of details which might be considered as not important. 

  • Replacing some objects with similar 3D models taken from our library, or 3D stock platforms such as TurboSquid, 3DSky, etc.  


Is it possible to get 3D Renderings cheaper than minimal package costs?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to get 3D renderings cheaper than the costs of the minimal packages.

Is it possible to reduce the cost by requesting the services partially? For example, by making only 3D models or scenes without making 3D renderings and/or postproduction? 

Unfortunately, we don't provide our services this way. Especially we don't provide the service such as making 3D models and scenes without 3D rendering and/or postproduction. Therefore, it's not possible to reduce the cost of our services this way.

What else might affect the cost of 3D Renderings?

  • A complexity of 3D Rendered objects.

The more is the complexity of rendered objects, the higher is the cost.

  • Image resolution and number of views.

Depending on the project type, up to 2-5 views with image resolution up to 2500x2500 pixels might be included in the initial cost of 3D Renderings. More images and Images with a higher resolution might increase the total cost of 3D renderings.

  • Amount of revisions.

Usually, we include up to free 10 minor revisions in the initial 3D rendering packages. With more revisions, the cost of 3D renderings will grow up.

  • Signing NDA.

If you want to keep private 3D renderings for your project within some period of time or forever, it's possible to sign the non-disclosure agreement. It's possible due to platforms Guru or Peopleperhour. In this case, the cost of 3D renderings will be increased. Please note, in some cases, we're not able to sign NDA. Please contact us to get more details.

  • Providing source files.

If you need to have source working files we can provide them for additional costs.

  • Your other requests which require additional efforts from us.


In some cases, we can go out of the standards of traditional 3D renderings and provide you more. It might grow the cost of 3D Renderings up.

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