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Why Businessrender is Risk-free?

Find out why you can work safely with our 3D artists' team wherever you are

You concern whether it's possible to work safely with the freelancers who are far away from your location and even live in another country. 

Working on the freelance platform allows clients and freelancers to use safe negotiation- and payment services.

Simply put, the risk-free working process is the following:

1. Clients and freelancers negotiate a work scope and deadlines.

2. Clients put a deposit to the special account operated by the Guru platform. It's called the Safepay.

3. Freelancers do their work and after completing it send results to clients.

4. Clients can verify results, and:

  • If everything is ok clients can initiate transferring funds from the Safepay account to accounts of their freelancers.

  • If something is wrong clients can ask freelancers to fix problems or do revisions.

  • If a result is totally wrong a client can initiate a dispute and money return process.  

Feel free to learn more details for Safepay on the Guru freelance platform.

To provide you a risk-free 3D Rendering Services we can work for you on

We can assist you (as we already did for our previous clients) with registration and with the working process if needed.

If you already have a client's account on, that's great!

Please note, charges the fees for their service.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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