Get Your Star - 3D Renderings for award prizes

See how realistic and impressive look prize images for our online communities if they were done by using 3D rendering techniques

The following 3D rendering images were done in order to use them as the "virtual prizes" for the best CG artists and contributors to our Facebook communities CG to Solve Problems and 3D Rendering of Product Images

Unlike traditional 2D images used for such goals in most of the online communities, 3d rendered images are looking more natural. 

BTW: These awards called "virtual prizes" since they haven't any physical representation. However, as you can see, and you might agree, they look like photographs of the real award prizes.

In fact, the community members took a very high interest in getting such prizes with their names written next to these awards.


Please check out some of the sample images below. 

3D Rendering of the virtual prize with the text added

3D Rendered image of the award prize with the artist's name, promotional text, and logos placed next to the 3d rendered object. 

Get Your Star - 3D Renderings for award prizes gathered all together

3D Renderings for award prizes gathered all together

Feel free to check out our other works in the 3D Product Rendering Portfolio 

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