3D Renderings for the living room

Please check out the computer-generated 3d visualization images that allowed our client to demonstrate the design of the living room 

Our client, the interior designer, needed to show her customer how the living room will look according to the proposed interior design.  She needed photorealistic visualizations and hired us so that we made 3d renderings for her project.


The client sent us the floor plan, ceiling plan, elevations, drawings for furniture, material specs by e-mail. 

For some of the objects, such as the chandelier, lamps, armchair, white wood cabinet, round table, and chairs, our client sent us the links to the 3DSky models since she wanted to use these stock 3d models in the 3d renderings.


3d models for the kitchen, decorative glass wall, and other furniture we did according to the drawings our client sent us. Also, she sent us the photography and dimensions of the sofa with the pillows, and according to this information we did 3d model of the sofa for this scene.

Also, the client sent us the images of the pictures for the interior and the picture frame design.  According to that, we made 3d models of the pictures and placed them on the walls of the interior scene. 

3d models of the TV, interior accessories, flowers, etc. we took mostly from 3dsky.org platform. Other 3d models, we took from our other 3d rendering projects.   

After that, we created and adjusted the camera so that to show the various part of the interior. Adjusted the material and the lighting, and rendered the draft images, that we sent to our client.

Then, after making the minor revisions the client requested, we rendered the final images, that you can see below, and sent them to our client. 

3D Renderings for the living room view n
3D Renderings for the living room view n
3D Renderings for the living room view n
3D Renderings for the living room view n
3D Renderings for the living room view n
3D Renderings for the living room view n

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