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3D Renderings for the bedroom

Please check out the 3d visualization images that allowed our client to demonstrate the design of the bedroom 

Our client did the interior design for the rooms of the house of her customer. She requested us to make photorealistic 3d renderings for the master bedroom so that to show her client how it will look after a renovation.


To provide us her vision of the interior design our client sent us the floor- and the ceiling plan, drawing for the chest of drawers, table, and nightstands.  Also, she wanted to use the stock 3D models of the bed, lamps, carpet, and accessories, taken from 3DSky.  The 3D models of the curtains also were taken from the 3DSky platform end edited so that to fit the right sizes.  

After the assembling altogether we did the general views so that to show the bedroom interior. 

3D rendering for the bedroom view no 1
3D rendering for the bedroom view no 2

And also, the client asked us to do the following front view of the bed.

3D rendering for the bedroom view no 3

After making the final images we sent them to our client by e-mail.

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