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3D Rendering for the power plant turbine

Learn how our client got the photorealistic image of the powerplant turbine when getting a real photograph was not possible

The Ukrainian company who builds alternative energy power plants needed a high-resolution image of a turbine for its promotional brochure. 

Since the turbine is built-in turbo generator, the sales managers of the company were not able to get access to it and take a photo. Also, our client's staff didn't find an appropriate stock image on media platforms. 

So they decided to request us to make a photorealistic 3D rendering of the turbine.

Our clients sent us the low-resolution photograph of the turbine. BTW: The turbine was depicted partially on it. Also, they sent us their instructions regarding the materials and image resolution. 

Having this information our team did the image that is represented below.


One thing, the image below has a lower resolution than the image we sent to the client since it was reduced for the online portfolio on our website to reduce the load time of this page.

Also, the original image had the alpha channel so that our clients could add a background they wanted. We also excluded the alpha channel from the portfolio image to reduce its size.


Please check out the 3d visualization of the powerplant turbine.

3D Product Rendering for the power plant turbine

Our clients were happy with the 3D rendering of the powerplant turbine provided by us and they were happy to use it in their brochure. 

Feel free to check out our other works in the 3D Product Rendering Portfolio 

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