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3D Renderings for the children's room

Please check out the computer-generated 3d visualization image that allowed our client to demonstrate how the children's room furniture will look in an interior

Our client is the manufacturer of furniture for children. They needed the images for their website so that to promote their furniture. 


The client told us about the idea to make interior images with the children's beds, cabinets, and tables so that the images were more attractive and interesting for their customers. 

Before making interior these 3d renderings we did for our client visualizations of furniture on which each item stayed alone and each image has a white background. Some of these visualizations you can see in the furniture 3D rendering portfolio.  So for making interior 3d visualization we took 3d models of furniture we did for making furniture 3d renderings mentioned before.

The walls, window, and door we did according to the floor plan and elevations our client sent us by e-mail. 3D models of the rugs we did according to the sketches the client sent us. 

The client doesn't need the specific depiction fo the lamp, curtains, chairs, computers, books, TV, and heat radiator. So to make the faster turnaround we took these 3d models from the 3DSky stock platform. For some of these 3d models, we edited the materials so that the objects looked more attractive, and the sizes of certain details so that these 3d models had a good fit in this interior.

The materials for the walls, door, window floor, and baseboard we assigned according to the material specs.   

After that, we adjusted the camera views in there scene so that they covered the interior and the children's furniture in it. We adjusted the lighting as well.

After rendering the final images and making post-production we sent the final images to our client.


Please take a look at the 3D renderings of the children's room below.  

3d rendering for the children room view no 1
3d rendering for the children room view no 2
3d rendering for the children room view no 3
3d rendering for the children room view no 4

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