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3D Rendering for the bank lobby

Please check out the computer-generated 3d visualization image that allowed our client to demonstrate the proposed design of the bank lobby 

Our client needed to design and renovate the lobby of the bank.

On the design stage of the project, our client needed to show the top management of the bank how the lobby will look after the renovation. To show the images they requested us to make 3D visualization of this interior.


To provide the information for us, our client emailed us the floor plan of this interior, elevations, drawings of the floor materials, and ceiling plan. Also, the client sent us the sketches of the "rain-glass-flowers" installation, and for the columns. The specs of the materials our client sent us as well.  As you can see in the final 3d rendered images below, the columns and one of the walls have waveform and glossy surface. To give us the clue what the surface must be the client sent us the sample photographs of this material and surface.  

In order to render the images, we made 3d models of the walls, ceiling, floor, and columns according to the plan, drawings, sketches and specs the client sent us.


To make 3D renderings faster we didn't some of the 3D models from scratch. Instead of it:

  • We used stock 3d models of all of the flowers.    

  • We took the door 3D models from 3DS Max projects we did earlier for making renderings for this client. But changed the door material according to the material specs. The client accepted this since they used the standard door design for many of their interior designs. The same we did for the ceiling lamps.

  • We took the turnstile 3D model from 3DS Max projects we did earlier for this client but edited some of the details according to the turnstile dimensions needed for this interior. Our client accepted this since they needed to have an image with the turnstile of a certain style, not a specific turnstile.  

Also, we made the 3D model of the "rain-glass-flowers" installation according to the sketch, dimensions, and materials our client sent us. But the flowers we took from the stock, as I told above. 


After assembling all together in the scene, adjusting the lighting, materials, and frames rendering we got the final images that we sent to our clients. 

Please take a look at the final images below.

3d rendering for the bank lobby view no 1
3d rendering for the bank lobby view no 2

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